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Chace Crawford as Daniel Byers 22 years old Interviewer Open

He is known for… His easily-remembered face and sense of humor when he is interviewing or speaking.

He works for… He mostly works for E! News, but he also often speaks at award shows.

Meet Daniel Byers, the next Ryan Seacrest! At only twenty-two years of age, he is already loved all across the country. Girls in the 18-25 age bracket love him, as do some older women. When he moved to Los Angeles from New York City, he started as an intern E! News. He worked with Guiliana Rancic and even occasionally Chelsea Handler! That was four years ago, though. Now he’s more experienced and interviewing big stars on his E! Television segment, The Byble. He interviews stars, speaks about recent events in Hollywood, and shows funny videos that he finds. The people at E! love him, especially Chelsea Handler of Chelsea Lately and Joel McHale of The Soup. He used to be an often-seen extra on Joel’s show! When he’s not on television, he’s interviewing stars for his blog on E! News Online. And when he’s not doing that, he’s at an awards show, presenting awards to the biggest stars. And when he’s not doing that, he’s entertaining himself at his home in Toluca Lake with funny videos of cats. Overall, Daniel is a very interesting and talented man. Oh, and did you know that he can also act? He first got into the business when he was sixteen and starred in a Youtube mini-series with his friends, it was then that he knew he wanted to somehow get involved with Hollywood.

Daniel Byers grew up in New York City with his mother, FOX News Reporter father, and baby sister. He loved the city, the lights, and all the action that occured. He was certainly a big-city kind of guy. He went to a public school in Statan Island where he made a lot of friends. He was a funny and nice guy - albeit not the smartest - and people gravitated towards him like ants to food. He loved people and making them laugh, especially the girls. He is certainly a ladies man. Flirt, flirt, flirt is all he does when they’re around. It might make him seem as though he can’t keep a steady relationship, but this guy is actually looking for a commitment - he wants a girlfriend that he can treat like royalty. Anyway, back to New York. While he seemed all laughs and flirtiness, this boy had Leukemia. Luckily, they found it when it was still immature, so he was able to go through Chemotherapy and surgery to get rid of it before it blossomed into something that they couldn’t save. It certainly effected his life, but he has gotten used to it. But I bet you’re wondering how he got into reporting and television! Well, like mentioned before, his father is a news reporter on FOX and Friends in the Morning. One day, his dad took Daniel to work with him and showed him the ropes around the office. Daniel was fifteen at the time, and much to his surprise, he found it very interesting. So interesting that he decided he wanted to do it himself. Not necessarily with FOX, but someplace where he could have some freedom about what he reports. So that’s why he chose to go to Los Angeles, California and report with E! News.

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